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Sales Force
Especially for small and medium business, it is extremely important that you develop a competent sales force which will help you in getting in the desired business. Small and medium businesses may sometimes prefer having contractors employed with them on a contract basis rather than employing them full time to keep their overheads down.When you do have contractors on a part time basis, it becomes easier for you to get "rid" of them if their performance is not up to the mark. When you do employ them on a full time basis and you need to ask them to go if they are not performing well, the question of giving them a severance package comes in.

It is also very important that you look for the people at the right places; else, you will not be getting quality people. When you are looking to employ sales personnel on a contract basis, there are two types: Independent sales representatives and Manufacturer's representatives.

Independent Sales Representatives would generally work towards promoting a single wholesaler, or retailer or a company which deals with services. They would be willing to take up the challenge of promoting a brand that is not well-known or which is not doing to well in the market.

On the other hand, Manufacturer's Representatives would be quite experienced and would generally work within a specific industry. They would also normally represent various manufacturers at the same time and would carry various products which are not competing with one another. They would also generally be having an established list of clients in the markets which you would be interested in tapping into. Having seen the difference between the two types of representatives, let us have a look at where we can look for such people.

The easiest place to look for such people would be on the internet. You can take the help of a search engine which you find efficient. While searching, you could type out your requirements, mentioning in brief, whom exactly you are looking for, which industry and in which region of the globe -- for instance, it could be: Independent Sales Representatives + Consumer Electronics + the name of the region. You could also try "Commission Only Sales Representatives (indicating that they would only be working on a commission basis) Based on the results that the net gives you, go through the list carefully and strike out those who you feel will not fit the bill.

Note down the contact information and keep a proper balance between Independent Sales Representatives and Manufacturer's Representatives. An average sales company will include about three sales personnel for a Regional market. If your market s bigger, you will definitely need more sales personnel. You can take an independent decision as to how you would like to meet them or liaise with them --generally, sending them an email will be the most convenient an the most quickest.

There are also websites which take the initiative to get together Sales Personnel who are willing to work on a purely commission basis. These websites encourage such representatives to enroll on their websites at no charge.
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